About the Book


The Creation of Make Love for Peace has been calling me for a very long time.  The desire to share my knowledge stems from early life experiences and a “knowing” that was not explained through traditional religions.   I always felt there was something missing, like we weren’t getting the whole picture about who we really are and what we are truly capable of.  I have been a seeker, teacher and student in many lifetimes, learning and remembering how to connect with the energy of “all that is”.

The goal of this book is to give you the tools and knowledge to connect with yourself and your world in a much deeper way.  Through learning the truth of who we are and where we came from, we can better identify what no longer serves us.  We can then replace these beliefs and behaviors with more loving and harmonious thoughts and ways of being.

For as long as we have existed in this current patriarchal society, we have known only lack, greed and war.   Before this society existed, a matriarchal society was in place.  The Goddess culture is ancient and existed longer than the system that we have currently in place, without need for walls, weapons or wars.  Maybe there is something to learn from the ancient Matriarchal way of being.

Learning how our minds work, we can become conscious of where our energy is focused, and with this understanding many life shifts will follow.  For example in the sixties the slogan, “Make Love Not War” though well meaning, put the emphasis on both Love and War.  Our subconscious mind thinks in pictures so what I am proposing, Make Love for Peace, conjures up a more positive vibrational image.

You are about to embark on an inner journey to the core of your being.  It will at times be a bit scary and unfamiliar, but the rewards will be more than you can imagine.  Be brave on this journey to the center of your “self”.  It is probably the most important step you can take for yourself and ultimately for us all.

You are the master of your destiny.  Learning the principles in this book will give you the knowledge and power to consciously create a world that works for everyone.  Join me on this journey of transformation, magic and miracles to Make Love for Peace.


 Love is the Greatest Power

 The Wiccan’s say “Love is the Law, Do what ye will but harm none.” They honour the God & Goddess together.  In the Yogic tradition, it is said “I am that I am” and “See God in Each Other” The Yogis and Yoginis’ are always searching for the “beloved”, the pure eternal love that lives within all of us.  All the Hindu deities have a “beloved”.  Many traditions have mystic ways that know and illustrate the connection between us and “all that is”.  This book is a basic guide intended to provide the tools to connect with that essence more often and even all the time, if you wish.

Love has impact and affects you and those around you all the time.   Most of us do not realize how our thoughts and emotions are creative and ultimately become manifest.   In Make Love for Peace, this knowledge is imparted in an experiential way, so that you, the reader can use the information to consciously create a life desired and deserved.

Can you imagine a world where:

  • Spiritual fulfillment abounds?
  • Women and men are honored equally?
  • All beings “know” we are connected?
  • We all live sustainable lives?
  • Everyone is creating consciously?

J U S T   Imagine.  .  .


Table of Contents


Chapter 1:      Loving your Self

Chapter 2:      Loving Others

Chapter 3:      Your Energetic Self

Chapter 4:      How Energy Works in the Universe

Chapter 5:      The Divine Feminine and Sexual Energy

Chapter 6:      Embracing your Sexuality – Love Making Secrets of the East.

Chapter 7:      Embracing your Sexuality – Love Making Secrets of the West.

Chapter 8:      The Creation Process

Chapter 9:      Creating consciously

Chapter 10:    Make Love for Peace; a Global Project

Join us! July 9, 2013