Sacred Touch Snuggle Parties

Sacred Touch Snuggle Party is the first in a series of workshops that are offered for those wanting to take the Make Love for Peace work to the next level.

We will participate in exercises which explore how love shows up in one’s life, what intimacy means to you and others.  The exercises are for both partners and singles they help us to have our own personal experiences.  There is a focus on communication skills and what it means to each of us be responsible for our own actions. Choice, safety, honesty and trust are emphasized.

The exercises explore communication, intimacy and sacred touch in safe and nurturing environment. Learning in a fun and experiential way how to feel, experience and honour our own energy and love as well as that of other consenting partners.Sacred touch parties are a way for you to meet new people in a safe environment, while exploring your boundaries and sacredness in a fun, delicious and expanded way. Please let us know if you have any food allergies, we will have delectable delights on hand for your yummy pleasure.

We are all Sacred!

Bees to honey, lover & beloved

ARRIVE EARLY: Once we begin the Opening Circle and information session, no one is allowed to enter; this creates a safe space where everyone can be on the same page about the expectations and rules. It also gives you time to change into your more comfortable clothes if you need to do so.


HOW TO DRESS: Night shirts, T-shirts and full length pyjama bottoms or workout pants. You will want to be comfortable and covered.

WHAT TO BRING:  A pillow, a blanket or something else you would like to cuddle. No live animals please, 😉


1.  Cloths will stay on the whole time.

2.  You must ask permission and receive a verbal YES before you touch anyone. (Be specific in all your requests.)

3.  Be clear in your responses, Yes or No, it will always be your choice if you wish to participate.

4.   It’s OK to change your mind and you should at any time you feel uncomfortable.

5.   Respect your Sacred Touch relationship agreements.

6.   To create a safe space for participants to share their feelings, privacy is to be respected.

7.   Keep the space sacred, safe, mind altering substance free and tidy.


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