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Dear Boyfriend, Let’s Start a Revolution

Nicely expressed! Thank you for sharing your longing for healing is my own. ❤


2017: Global Wake up Call

Great article on our current condition.

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105

The Cosmic Battle rages on. Loss of collective vision. Depression. Confusion. Attention spans waning. Loss of Purpose. These symptoms are part of the acceleration-densification syndrome. This is the atrophy of consciousness that occurs when the human brain is saturated with too much conflicting information.

Four years from December 21, 2012 and despite all the efforts of great teachers, prophets and seers, humanity appears more divided than ever, with much global attention now being directed toward U.S. politics.

Americas lesson is everyones lesson. Because it is the number one power, the riches  of all the nations, and the world cop, the American mind is , more than any other, in a state of baffled neurosis seeking to maintain identity of control. This is a fundamental ego struggle. Ego of personal identity, ego of national identity. Both are a travesty because neither has any true reality. They are…

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July 26 Starts The Galactic New Year of The Planetary Wizard!

The time is Now, #MakeLoveForPeace

Awakening Galactic Culture


On The Galactic Calendar, as of July 26, 2015 we are collectively launching into a New Year ~ The Year of The Planetary Wizard. This Year calls us to amplify the powers of our Inner Wizard. This is the Time to Unite in Re-Enchanting The Soul of The World.

We help Re-Enchant the Soul of the World as we bring our gifts, our talents, our passions, our callings to Life. Regardless of how we identify ourselves, and what our external life appears to be, we are equal in affecting our shared Planetary Culture, and we are responsible to help Inspire our shared Life. Each one of us can look inside ourselves and ask: “What else is possible?” Our Earth needs us to rise into our potential; to awaken our deeper powers and capacities. This is the Time to remember who we are as multi-dimensional beings; to consciously unite our Spirits with the…

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Mary Magdalene – High Priestess and Sacred Prostitute

The time is now to bring back these ancient truths and free the people from the current greed of ownership and slavery. Blessed be!

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

2_2_MaryMagdalene_PassionoftheChristMy awareness of the Goddess came to me somewhere in my early 30’s and deciding to seek her out academically many years later has been an awakening, as are all major truths in our lives. To my surprise I discovered that much of the world for millennia lived in a world where their God was female and she was the Goddess – benevolent, fertile and above all sexual. Very sexual! Today we have a profound difficulty in associating the profession of the prostitute with anything vaguely associated with sacredness, but in ancient times these women were held in the highest esteem in the temples of the Great Mother Goddess. The sacred prostitute or temple priestess became the representation of the goddess in physical form and with their bodies entered into sacred sexual rituals with the men who came to worship.

My studies have shown me that long before Christianity (which…

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Make Love for Peace™

Transforming sexual energy into manifested desires.


How would you like to use the passion and feelings created by sex to create anything you want?

In the Secret they talk a lot about focusing on your desires to create them but very little is mentioned about the feelings behind the thoughts. The feelings are the most important propelling factor in creating or manifesting any desire. Feelings are E-motion, Energy in Motion.

In my e-book Make Love for Peace you will learn how and why sexual energy is the strongest creative force in the universe. You will learn how to apply this knowledge to create anything you desire provided you have the best intentions. You will learn how you can amplify this energy with the help of another person or a group of people.

There are some important laws regarding creation that will be covered as well. You will learn these seven laws and how to apply them in your life. Find out how in giving you recieve and how you can join the cause of Make Love 4 Peace, to co-create a new era of human consciousness on the planet.